Welcome to AITAcademia Idiomas Torrox

Academia de Idiomas Torrox (AIT) was founded in 2007 with the purpose of helping students to achieve their educational goals.

AIT offers language courses and programs in Spanish, English and German, school studies reinforcement and a translation and interpretation service.

AIT would like to thank you for trusting us since we started and welcome future students.

I love this school!! The teachers are very nice and funny!. Come here!.


Daros la enhorabuena por este décimo aniversario. Espero que sigáis así.

Enhorabuena por los 10 Años

Have just completed a Spanish course with José Miguel. I would like to say thank you for such an informative and enjoyable 12-weeks improving my ability to speak and understand Spanish hugely. A natural born teacher who is able to empart complicated ideas with ease. Highly recommend and I look forward to returning next January.

Lee Kristopher Young